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【World】Hewlett-Packard released HP-UX, an operating system for the company’s workstations
【World】Sun Microsystems released the Sun OS, an operating system for workstations (Sun-1 and Sun-2) that was based on Unix 4.1 BSD
【World】MIT, in partnership with DEC, released the first version of the X Window System, a graphical user interface for UIIX operating systems
1991/04 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the 3050/Rsv UNIX server, which used PA-RISC processors and supported open-source business environments
1991/04 NEC:NEC rolled out the UP4800/520, the first model of the UP4800 UNIX server series
1991/05 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the DS/90 7000, its first UNIX machine with a SPARC processor
1991/05 Mitsubishi:Mitsubishi Electric announced the MELCOM ME RISC series in partnership with Hewlett-Packard
1991/10 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the HITAC FT6100 fault-tolerant server
1991/10 OKI:Oki Electric announced the OKI 8500/221S mid-range server
1992/12 OKI:Oki Electric announced the OKITAC-9000 series
1992/12 OKI:Oki Electric announced the OKI Media Server for high-speed transmission of high-resolution images
1993/02 Toshiba:Toshiba announced the UX5000 UNIX server, the first product of its UX series, which is supplied by Sun Microsystems under an OEM agreement
1993/04 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the 3500 series, which consisted of eight UNIX server models running on the PA-7100 processor, to address diversifying system demands
1993/06 Hitachi:Hitachi announced 9000/800 running on the PA-7100 processor
1993/08 Mitsubishi:Mitsubishi Electric announced the MELCOM ME/S8000 series of engineering servers in partnership with Hewlett-Packard
1994/04 Toshiba:Toshiba announced the UX1000
1995/01 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the 3500/730FT and 750FT fault-tolerant UNIX server models running on the PA-7100 processor
1995/02 NEC:NEC began selling the NX7000/500 メsuper server,モ a large UNIX server that enabled clients to construct open-source systems that were previously constructed with off-the-shelf computers
1995/04 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the 3500/840PS and 850PS UNIX server cluster models running on the PA-7200 processor
1995/05 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the high-end DS/90 7800E and 7900E servers with a NUMA memory architecture
1995/07 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the 9000V series of UNIX servers running on the PA-7200 processor and featuring the latest HP-UX operating system
1995/10 NEC:NEC began selling the UP4800/770 UNIX server, which contained eight 64-bit R10000 RISC chips
1996/03 Toshiba:Toshiba announced the UX2000 UNIX server that enabled clients to construct highly reliable redundancy-based systems
1997/01 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the GRANPOWER 7000 series, which ran on the 64-bit UltraSPARC RISC processor
1997/05 NEC:NEC began selling the NX7000/P590 model, which was developed by NEC and supported up to eight PA-8000 (180 MHz) CPUs
1997/10 Hitachi:Hitachi announced the high-end 9000V/VT800 UNIX server, which supported up to 16 64-bit PA-8000 processors and which set industry speed records for a UNIX server
1998/06 Toshiba:Toshiba announced the UX2000i UNIX server that featured a remote management processor to reduce TCO
1998/11 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the GP7000F family of servers, which featured the Fujitsu-developed SPARC 64-GP, a 64-bit RISC-based processor
1999/07 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the GP7000F/2000, the flagship model of the GP7000F series, that supported up to 64 processors
2000/05 Fujitsu:Fujitsu announced the new PRIMEPOWER series of servers that supported up to 128 SPARC 64-GP processors