【Oki Electric】Electric 8500/221S

Oki Electric's 8500 221S model was a mid-range server made backward compatible with the 7300 Station series. The server was powered by Intel's newest RISC processor, the i860 (50 MHz), and used an operating system based on the latest UNIX System V Revision 4.0 standard with beefed up system operational management and RAS functionality. In particular, the construction of the 221S, which permitted hot swapping of file modules and other units, enabled both disk mirroring and 24-hour continuous operation. Furthermore, the high-speed Futurebus+ system bus made a dramatic improvement in both system performance, and especially database performance, by accelerating file-access speeds. All told, Oki Electric went to considerable lengths with the 221S to address virtually every need of the network server market.

Main features of the 8500 221S server model:

(1)High-speed RISC processor with a 64-bit architecture
(2)Open-source platform
(3)Front-loading internal file modules and hot-swapping
(4)Enhanced UNIX operating system
(5)High-speed Futurebus+ system bus
(6)Standard database and high-speed/high-reliability database access
(7)Seven I/O slots connected to a 32-bit EISA bus
(8)Standard equipped with LAN connectivity

Oki Electric announced the OKITAC-9000 C100 and C110 models, which were OEM machines from Hewlett-Packard, in December 1995. Both entry models, the C100 ran on the PA-7200 (100 MHz) and the C110 ran on the PA-7200 (120 MHz). With the inclusion of a 3D graphics accelerator, these two models provided superb 3D application performance in an inexpensive desktop workstation configuration.

Specifications of the Oki 8500/221S
CPU i860XP (50 MHz) with internal FPU
CPU performance 55 MIPS (Dhrystone)
Internal disk capacity 670 MB - 5.2 GB
System bus Futurebus+ (IEEE 896)

Oki Electric 8500 server