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The Satellite Museum of the Historical Computers

There is no museum dedicated to computers in Japan. However, we can find many organizations and institutions where precious historic materials are collected and displayed. To show our respect for the effort and to make the existence known to the public for more utilization, IPSJ starts "The Satellite Museum of Historical Computers" certification program.

IPSJ Computer Museum is a virtual museum, but "The Satellite Museum of Historical Computers" is a real one. Therefore, I hope you can feel pioneers' original idea and effort.
when you visit the satellite museum.

In general, the satellite museum is open to the public. However, procedure to visit the museum may be different for each museum. Please confirm each museum in advance if you wish to visit.

"The Satellite Museum of Historical Computers" will not be limited to current list. New one may be certified and added to the list in the future. 

March 2, 2009      
Hiroshi Hatta
Chair of Special Committee for the History of Computing,