Toshiba announced the UX1000 UNIX server in May 1993 as part of its UX series. The UX1000 was developed with technology licensed from Sun Microsystems.

Running on SuperSPARC processors (40 MHz/50 MHz), the UX1000 was compact at just 340 x 360 x 130 mm (w x d x h), but it still provided enough space to house a maximum of two CPUs, 512 MB of memory, and 4 GB of magnetic disk space. Bulk extension units added even more external disk capacity.

The server featured an auto shutdown function that prevented unintentional file corruption. When the power switch was turned off, this function automatically ran the system shutdown processes before actually disconnecting the power supply.

Highly reliable systems could be implemented with the UX1000 since it provided detection and alerts for abnormal temperatures or voltages with the CPU’s standard RAS functions; disk mirroring; redundancy at the SCSI controller level; and optional extended uninterruptable power supplies.

Toshiba UX1000 UNIX server