【Oki Electric】OKI Media Server System

Oki Electric announced the OKI Media Server system in October 2000 for high-speed transfers of high-quality video content over broadband Internet connections. Supporting not only the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards but also MPEG-4, the system delivered high-quality video transfers that were relatively free of bandwidth limitations. It also supported the H.263 compression format, which enabled delivery of high-speed video over the H.323 protocol.

Main features of the OKI Media Server system:

(1)Parallel VOD configurations
The OKI Media Server system supported parallel server configurations, which gave more expansion flexibility and better availability while reducing costs, to ensure the system scalability required by video delivery server configurations.
(2)Distributed VOD configurations
The OKI Media Server system came with distributed server functionality in order to link multiple networked VOD servers to form a single VOD system. This made it possible to create large-scale broadband VOD systems while curbing network costs.

Oki Electric OKI Media Server system