Toshiba announced the UX2000 UNIX server in March 1996 as part of its UX series. The UX2000 was developed with technology licensed from Sun Microsystems.

The UX2000 was powered by an UltraSPARC I (167 MHz) processor, and internal memory was expandable to 512 MB and internal magnetic disk capacity to 12.6 GB. Disk capacity could be expanded by an additional 25.2 GB using bulk extension units.

Magnetic disk redundancy was supported from the SCSI controller level down. In the event of a malfunction, magnetic disks could be swapped online without interrupting the system.

Specifications of the UX2000
CPU Ultra SPARC (167MHz)
System bus High-speed packet crossbar switch (1.3 GB/s)
Memory 64MB-512MB
Magnetic disk capacity Internal 4.2GB-12.6GB
External 25.2GB
Interfaces Ethernet 10BASE-T/10BASE5
Other Serial, parallel, audio
Dimensions (h x w x d) 220x400x410mm

Toshiba UX2000 UNIX server