NEC rolled out the NX7000/500 “super server” in February 1995. This large-scale UNIX server was the first model to appear after NEC and Hewlett-Packard agreed to a joint large-scale UNIX server business. The NX7000/500 made it possible to construct open-source systems that were previously constructed from off-the-shelf computers. The NX7000/500 supported SMP configurations with up to 12 PA-7100 RISC processors clocked at 90 MHz. These machines processed about 4,000 transactions per minute (when running 12 CPUs). Order-entry operations were the core of such transaction processes. The main memory could be expanded to 2 GB and the disk capacity could be expanded to 1,900 GB. Furthermore, the NX7000/500 could be used to construct large, highly reliable systems with up to seven machines used as the primary system and one machine used as a standby system. Operations could be continued in the event of a primary system failure by automatically switching to the standby system.

Product name NX7000/500
CPU PA-7100 (90 MHz), 1 to 12CPU
SPECrate_fp92 4,019-38,780
Memory capacity 256 MB - 2,048 MB
Max. disk capacity 1,900 GB

NEC NX7000/500