【Fujitsu】FUJITSU GRANPOWER 7000 Series

The FUJITSU GRANPOWER 7000 series was a line of high-performance 64-bit UNIX servers developed by Fujitsu and PFU and announced by both companies in January 1997. Successors to the DS/90 7000 series, these models featured RISC-based*1 UltraSPARC*2 processors. Fujitsu released this series as its second salvo in the GRANPOWER series, which already included PC servers (GRANPOWER 5000) and office computers (GRANPOWER 6000).

The servers were powered by high-performance 64-bit UltraSPARC RISC processors (150 MHz  250 MHz). This series emphasized high performance and high reliability, matching the trend at the time of UNIX servers moving into corporate mission-critical applications.

Features of the FUJITSU GRANPOWER 7000 series:

…1… High transaction performance
Fujitsu achieved faster memory access speeds and higher throughput rates over the system bus (transfer speeds of up to 5.2 GB/s) with the use of a newly developed high-performance crossbar switch, in addition to the 64-bit UltraSPARC processors.
…2… Advanced reliability
Fujitsu made the following additions to improve system fault tolerance:
  • Magnetic disk duplexing and redundant power-system and cooling-fan units
  • Hot-swapping of magnetic disks, internal tape drives, power supplies, and cooling fans (replaceable while the system is operating)
  • Fallback operation for processors, memory, and I/O buses (continued operation by isolating fault areas)
    Fujitsu also tried to boost system availability with a system control facility (SCF), where an independent processor automatically detects and alerts hardware faults, and with the server cluster configuration described below.
  • Support for clusters of up to eight servers connected over a LAN. If a fault occurred at one server, the remaining servers would take over the faulty server s operations.
*1. RISC: Reduced instruction set computer.
*2. SPARC: Processor standard developed by SPARC International.
Specifications of the FUJITSU GRANPOWER 7000 series
Model name 50 200 400 600
Introduced January 1997 June 1997 January 1997
No. of CPUs 1 2 1 2 1 4 2 8
Main memory capacity 32MB 512MB 32MB 4GB 64MB 4GB 128MB 8GB
Max. disk capacity 55GB 3TB 6TB 12TB
Other details
  • Fully compatible with the FUJITSU DS/90 7000 series
  • Full 64-bit operations with support for the 64-bit version of the UXP/DS operating system
  • Achieved the world's top performance level of 5,738.30 tpmC* for a dual-CPU model when combined with Fujitsu's Symfoware database management system

(*1)tpmC: unit indicating the number of transactions per minute the system performs in the TPC-C performance measurement model. The performance rating at the time the series was announced was 4,718.73 tpmC, but this was improved to 5,738.30 tpmC within the same year.
(*2)TPC-C: TPC stands for the Transaction Processing Performance Council. The council develops models, such as TPC-A or TPC-B, to measure system performance with respect to a given application. TPC-C was one of the most frequently quoted models at the time this series was introduced.

The specifications above were correct at the time the products were announced. Some specifications were later revised due to product upgrades. Further model variations were added subsequently after the initial announcement.