【Fujitsu】FUJITSU DS/90 7000 Series

Fujitsu and PFU announced this series of Fujitsu UNIX servers and workstations in September 1991. These were the first Fujitsu UNIX machines to feature RISC-based*1 SPARC*2 processors. The DS/90 7000 series was released in tandem with Fujitsu’s newly developed UXP/DS operating system, which was based on System V Release 4 (SVR4),*3 a global UNIX operating system standard.

At the time this series was announced, UNIX systems, which had previously been almost exclusively used in the engineering field, were starting to appear in the business domain. Because of the increase in business applications, Fujitsu created the DS/90 7000 series as a uniform line of UNIX systems from workstations to servers.

Features of the DS/90 7000 series:

(1)Covered an extensive cost-performance range from laptop workstations to large-scale servers
(2)Adopted standardized specifications
Featured an operating system based on the latest SVR4 specifications, SPARC chips, etc.
(3)Energy efficient and affordable (workstation models)
The integer unit (IU) and the floating-point unit (FPU) were integrated into one chip.
(4)High performance, high reliability (server models)
  • Multiprocessor architecture, high-speed I/O bus
  • Redundant switching module allowed for a redundant system architecture (switch between the primary system and the auxiliary system)
  • Supported RAID 3*4 disk array devices (F7956B1)
*1. RISC: Reduced instruction set computer.
*2. SPARC: Processor standard developed by SPARC International.
*3. System V Release 4: A standard UNIX specification developed by UNIX System Laboratories. This standard was derived from AT&T's UNIX System V.
*4. RAID: Redundant array of inexpensive disks. A technology that allows the system to see multiple disks as one single disk. Different RAID levels are used to correspond to different performance and reliability requirements. RAID 3 is a configuration of the technology that delivers increased reliability at low cost.

The top-end models of the series, the DS/90 7800E and 7900E, were announced in May 1995.

Specifications of the FUJITSU DS/90 7000 series: server models (DSserver)
Model name 7530 7630 7730/7732 7830/7832
Introduced September 1991
Enclosure Desktop Compact deskside Deskside Rack mount
Processor SPARC (40 MHz)
No. of CPUs 1 1 or 2
Memory capacity 96 MB max. 128 MB max. 256 MB max. 256 MB max.
I/O bus Bus type S Bus VME Bus/HSIO Bus(*1)
No. of internal slots 5 4 6 12
Specifications of the FUJITSU DS/90 7000 series: workstation models (DSstation)
Model name 7110 7220
Introduced September 1991
Enclosure Laptop Desktop
Processor SPARC
No. of CPUs 1
Memory capacity 48 MB max. 96 MB max.
I/O bus Bus type S Bus
No. of internal slots 1 5
*VME Bus was the standard 16-bit/32-bit microprocessor bus. HSIO bus was an optional high-speed I/O bus, which could obtain transfer speeds of 200 MB/s with a 64-bit + 8-bit parity configuration.

The specifications above were correct at the time the products were announced. Some specifications were later revised due to product upgrades.

FUJITSU DS/90 DSstation Workstation models are shown in front.PFU DS/90 7530FUJITSU DS/90 7630
FUJITSU DS/90 7830