【Fujitsu】 FACOM 651 Line Printer

This was the fastest line printer among Fujitsu's models employing the type drum system. Due to the increasing performance of information processing systems and the expanding range of tasks to which they were applied, there was a need to improve line printer speed and performance, particularly reliability, in order to handle the increase in the volume of information output. In response, Fujitsu completed the FACOM 651 in March 1975. This printer was based on the proven technology of the previous FACOM 647 model, and achieved the fastest printing speed using the type drum system among Fujitsu's models. It had the following features:

1) Highest printing speed
High-speed printing of 1,600 lines per minute (when printing alphanumeric characters) was achieved by markedly reducing paper feed time and developing a new hammer magnet and a new print hammer mechanism which actuated at high speed.
2) Improved operability
The type drum and ink ribbon feed mechanisms were integrated into a single unit, and a gate structure was employed which could be right-opened to the front at the front of the printer. This made it possible to quickly and easily perform tasks such as paper filling and ink ribbon replacement.
Specifications of FACOM 651D and FACOM 651K Line Printers
Completion date March 1975
Printing system Type drum system
Printing speed
  • Numerals,Symbols (6): Max.2,400 line/min
  • Numerals,Symbols (6),Alphabetic letters: 1,600 line/min
  • Numerals,Symbols (26),Alphabetic letters: 800 line/min
  • Numerals,Symbols (9): 1,600 line/min
  • Numerals,Symbols (26),Alphabetic letters,Kana: 800 line/min
Character types 62 character types: Numerals (10),Alphabetic letters (26),Symbols (26) 109 character types: Numerals (10),Alphabetic letters (26),Symbols (26),Kana (47)
Number of printed characters 132 char/line or 136 char/line (switchable using switch)
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