【Fujitsu】 FACOM M Series

This was a series of general-purpose computers from Fujitsu. To achieve greater internationalization, this series used the IBM S/370 as its basic architecture -- a different architecture with the previous FACOM 230-75 and FACOM 230-8 Series. The first model in the FACOM M Series, the FACOM M-190, was announced in November 1974. The early FACOM M Series was comprised of a total of 3 models (the FACOM M-190, and the FACOM M-180II and FACOM M-160 large computers which were added later) and was a series of large computers positioned at the top-end of the FACOM 230-8 Series. Later, three models the mid-size FACOM M-100 Series were announced later in May 1977, thus completing a line-up of 6 models in the FACOM M Series, ranging from mid-size to ultra-large size. This brought all of Fujitsu's machine together in the same M Series. Many models were developed later as successor computers -- such as the FACOM M-300 Series and FACOM M-700 Series with enhanced performance and capabilities -- and these became the leading products from Fujitsu. The M Series architecture still continues to this day. The early FACOM M Series is called the "FACOM M-100 Series" to distinguish it from the series of successor computers.