【Fujitsu】 FACOM 230-75

This was an ultra-large general-purpose computer from Fujitsu. It was announced in June 1970 as the successor of the FACOM 230-60. The FACOM 230-75 featured: (1) Complete upward compatibility with the previous FACOM 230-60 system, (2) High-performance 7 to 15 times that of the FACOM 230-60 using techniques like high-speed CML element, ultra high-speed IC memory (access time 30ns, 128 bits per IC) as buffer memory for and CPUs, and sophisticated lookahead control, and (3) A highly reliable system using error correcting code (ECC) in the main memory unit (cycle time 0.99 microseconds, maximum capacity 1,024 Kwords), retry and reconfiguration in case of failure, and automatic fault location indication by the DIAC diagnostic processor. This computer was widely used in large computing center systems, banking systems and weather data processing systems. Array processor capability was added later.

FACOM 230-75 SystemFACOM 230-75 CPULogic Card for FACOM 230-75 CPU