【Fujitsu】 FACOM M-700 Series

Six models of the ultra-large FACOM M-780 model group were announced in November 1985 as the first model group in the FACOM M-700 Series, the successor of Fujitsu's FACOM M-300 Series of general-purpose computers. The FACOM M-780 was the world's first computers to achieve a single board CPU. Later the large FACOM M-760 model group, and mid-size FACOM M-730 model group were added, and the FACOM M-700 Series lineup of 19 models was completed in 1987. This series had the following features:

(1)Wide-range of processing performance
-With 3 model groups and 19 models, the processing performance ratio within the series was 210
(When the M-700 Series lineup was completed in 1987. The FACOM M-300 Series had a ratio of about 100 with 4 model groups)
-Expansion of maximum main memory capacity (Max. of 4 times that of the FACOM M-300 Series)
(2)A single board CPU was achieved in all models, together with a superior cost performance ratio, by using state-of-the-art LSI and high-density mounting technology
-High-speed and high-integration ECL-LSI with 3,000 or 10,000 gates was used in the FACOM M-780 and M-760 model group, and highly integrated CMOS LSI with 20,000 gates was used in the FACOM M-730 model group
-Printed circuit board named as SSC (Sub System Carrier) enabling high-density mounting for the FACOM M-780 and M-760 model group was newly developed
SSC for M-780 model group, 49cmx54cm, 42 layers, equipped with a maximum of 336 LSI on both sides
SSC for M-760 model group, 49cm x 54cm, 24 layers, equipped with a maximum of 143 LSI on a single side
(3)Space and power savings
(4)Easy field upgrading within model group
FACOM M-700 Series Specifications
  FACOM M-730
model group
model group
model group
Announcement date March 1987 November 1985
Size Mid-size Large Ultra-large
CPU Maximum number 4 4 4
Main elements 20,000 gates/chip
Delay time 1ns/gate
3,000/10,000 gates/chip ECL LSI
Delay time 180ps/gate (10,000 gates in M-780 only)
16Kbit + 1,200 gates, access time 3.2ns high-speed RAM & logic LSI (used for buffer storage etc.)
Buffer storage capacity 16/24/32KB/CPU 32KB/CPU 128KB/CPU
Main memory Memory device 1Mbit DRAM 256Kbit static RAM
Maximum memory capacity 45MB 256MB 256MB
Maximum number of channels 12 64 64
Remarks The following improved computers were also available -FACOM M-730 A Model (announced in October 1988)
-FACOM M-740 Model Group (announced in December 1990)
The FACOM M-770 Model Group (announced in June 1990) was available as an improved computer. Employed Fujitsu's first conductive fluid cooling

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.

FACOM M-780/40EECL LSI having circuits for 3,000/10,000 gates per chipFACOM M-780 CPU
FACOM M-780 MSU Main memory unit consisting of array cards (that are mounted at three-dimensional structure on SSC and have 256Kbit static RAM) and SSC (that equipped flat package LSI with cooling fin at the center)FACOM M-760FACOM M-730