【Fujitsu】 FACOM 647 Line Printer

This was a high-speed printer for Fujitsu's large general-purpose computers. It featured a new mechanism and design, based on the proven technology of the previous FACOM 642, and had improved printing and paper feed speed, greater ease of operation, and reduced noise during printing. This printer was completed in November 1971, and was used primarily with the FACOM 230-45S/55/60/75 and FACOM 230-8 Series of large general-purpose computers. It had the following features:

1) A printing speed 25% higher than the previous FACOM 642 was achieved by improving paper feed speed and increasing rotation speed of the type drum.
2) Fujitsu responded to user needs by developing the first dedicated "form stacker" for fully automated paper handling after printing.
3) Reliability and stability were improved by using a powerful 5-phase pulse motor for the paper feed mechanism.
FACOM 647 Line Printer Specifications
Completion date November 1971
Printing system Type drum system
Printing speed
  • 16 character types (numerals+6 symbols): 1,890 line/min
  • 42 character types (numerals+ 6 symbols+26 alphabetic letters): 1,260 line/min
  • 62 types: 630 line/min
  • 19 character types (numerals+9 symbols): 1,260 line/min
  • 109 character types: 63 line/min
character types 62 character types: Numerals (10),Alphabetic letters (26),Symbols (26) 100 character types: Numerals (10),Alphabetic letters (26),Symbols (26),Kana (47)
Number of printed characters 136 char/line
Connected models FACOM 230-45S/55/60/75, FACOM 230-8 Series

FACOM 647L Line Printer