【Fujitsu】 FM16β(Beta)

This was a Fujitsu's 16-bit personal computer for business use. Two types (the FD type and HD type) were announced in December of 1984 as successors of the FM-11EX (announced in November of 1982), the first 16-bit personal computer in the Fujitsu FM Series, and an enhanced version of the FM-11EX called the FM-11BS (announced in February 1984). These machines had the following features:

  1. They were high-performance, low-cost personal computers, which led other companies in adopting the 80186 (clock frequency 8MHz)
  2. 512KB high-capacity memory was provided as a standard feature by using 256 kilobit DRAM (max. 1 megabyte)
  3. Achieved a drawing speed about 30 times faster than previous software processing by using custom LSI for graphics
  4. JIS level 2 kanji (Chinese character) ROM was a standard feature, in addition to JIS level 1 (6,802 standard characters, including non-kanji)
  5. Two types were provided: the FD type with two 1MB 5-inch mini floppy disk drives, and the HD type equipped with one 1MB mini floppy disk drive and a 10MB hard disk
  6. Two types of keyboards were available to increase efficiency of Japanese language input (the JIS keyboard equipped with a conversion key at the thumb position, and a thumb shift keyboard)
  7. Operating systems (OS) were: CP/M-86 with enhanced Japanese language features, Japanese language MS-DOS and 286-XENIX (At the time of announcement, only CP/M-86 could be used)
  8. Compatibility at the BASIC level with the FM-11

The FM16β(Beta) FDII and HDII models equipped with the 80286 (clock frequency 8MHz) were added later (they were announced in 1986). These developed into the subsequent FM R Series.

For business use, there were the desk-top type FM16β, and the FM16π(PAI), an A4 size portable machine.

FM16β Specifications
Announcement date December 1984 February 1986
CPU Main (Clock frequency) 80186 (8MHz) 80186(8MHz)
80286(card optional)
80286 (8MHz)
80287 (Optional)
Sub 68B09E
RAM Main memory 512KB-1MB 1MB 1-3MB
Graphic VRAM 192KB
Japanese language display 40char x 25lines
Chinese character (kanji) ROM JIS non-kanji 453 characters, JIS level 1 kanji 2965 characters, JIS level 2 kanji 3384 characters (Standard)
Graphics display 640x400dot, 2 screens, 8 colors selectable from 16 colors
Built-in floppy disk FD type:5inch 1MBx2
HD type:5 inch 1MBx1
FDI type:5 inch 1MBx2
HDI type:5 inch 1MBx1
FDII type:5 inch 1MBx2
HDII type:5 inch 1MBx1
Built-in hard disk HD type:10MBx1 HDI type:10MBx1 HDII type:10MBx1
  • Japanese language CP/M-86
  • MS-DOS V3.1 (Not available at time of announcement, supported later)
  • Japanese language CP/M-86
  • MS-DOS V2.1
  • MS-DOS V3.1
  • Japanese language CP/M-86
  • MS-DOS V3.1
  • 286XENIX