【Fujitsu】 FM-11

This was a business personal computer from Fujitsu. The FM-11 was announced as a higher-end model of the FM-8 in November 1982, simultaneously with the mass market FM-7 machine. This machine was a high-performance personal computer designed for business use, and the series was comprised of 3 models the FM-11ST, FM-11AD and FM-11EX. The FM-11ST was a low-cost machine. The intermediate FM-11AD later developed into the FM-11AD2 and FM-11AD2+, and was consistently popular as an OS-9 machine. The top-end FM-11EX was a true business computer, equipped with a 16-bit 8088 and 8-bit 6809 main CPU (either could be selected for use), and OS CP/M-86 (16-bit) and F-BASIC (8-bit). It developed into the FM16β(Beta),, via the FM-11BS.

Specifications of Fujitsu's Early Personal Computers
  FM-11 FM-11BS
Announcement date November 1982 February 1984
CPU Main (Clock frequency) 68B09E(2MHz) 8088(8MHz)
Sub 68B09E
RAM Main memory 128KB-1MB 256KB-1MB
Japanese language display 40char x 25lines/40char x 20 lines
Chinese character (kanji) ROM Non-kanji, JIS level 1 kanji Optional
(JIS level 1 2965 characters, JIS non-kanji 453 characters)
Standard equipment
JIS level 2 kanji - Optional
Graphics display 640x200dot 4 screens, 8/16 colors
640x400dot 2 screens, 8/16 colors
Built-in floppy disk Optional (2 drives mountable in main unit) 5inch 320KBx1 (2 drives mountable in main unit) 5inch 1MBx2
System software F-BASIC
  • CP/M-86
  • CP/M-86
  • F-BASIC86