【Fujitsu】 FM16π(PAI)

This was an A4 size portable personal computer for business from Fujitsu. It was announced in April 1985, and had the following features:

  1. A4 size portable machine (29.7cm wide, 21.0cm deep, weighing a light 2.9kg)
  2. 16-bit CMOS CPU (80C86) with low power consumption (Could be used with 3 power supplies: AC100V, NiCd battery, or car battery)
  3. Large liquid crystal screen (640x200 dot) capable of displaying 440 kanji (40 characters x 11 lines) and 2000 non-kanji characters
  4. High-capacity memory (128/288/448 kilobyte main memory, 384 kilobyte CMOS mask ROM for CP/M-86 OS and dictionary etc.)
  5. Equipped standard with JIS level 1 kanji ROM (453 JIS non-kanji characters and 2965 JIS level 1 kanji)
  6. BASIC and COBOL supplied on ROM cartridges as basic software
  7. Equipped standard with microcassette for auxiliary memory

This machine was developed based on concepts which were revolutionary at the time. It was a forerunner of later laptop machines. However, because it was commercialized too early and used the CP/M-86 OS, it was only used in certain specific fields such as data entry.