【Fujitsu】 FACOM 668K and 668D High-Speed Card Reader

The FACOM 668K was Fujitsu's high-performance card reader for the FACOM230-5 Series and FACOM 230-8 Series. It could read 80-column cards at a high speed of 2,000 cards per minute (maximum). At the time, large high-performance computers were used in computing centers, and a high-speed, easy-to-operate and high-reliability data input unit was needed for inputting a diverse variety of data at high speed. This device was developed to meet those needs, and it had the following features:

(1) It achieved a high read speed of 2,000 cards per minute (the highest speed among Japanese made machines).
(2) It was designed for good operability
The operation panel was lowered to fit the average body type of operators, and make it easier for operators to handle cards. Cards could be added to the hopper file, and easily removed from the stacker, during read operation.
It was designed to function properly even if cards were loaded haphazardly in the hopper file.
(3) It ensured stable operation, even with variation in card quality.
(4) High-reliability

Around 1976, Fujitsu developed the FACOM 668D card reader (with a modified connection interface) for the FACOM M Series of general-purpose computers, and the FACOM 761D high-speed card reader for the FACOM M Series. The latter had an optional mark reading capability.

Card Reader Specifications
Unit name FACOM 668K FACOM 668D FACOM 671D
Completion date Around 1971 1976 October 1976
Read speed 2,000card/min (max.)
(with single card reading)
Card feed direction Vertical direction (column by column) feed
Reading system Photoelectric, 12-row simultaneous reading
Card used 80-column standard card 80-column standard card
Mark reading function (optional)
Hopper capacity 2,600card 2,000card
Number and capacity of stackers 2, 2,000card each 2, 1,800card each
Power supply 3-phase AC 200V}10%C50/60Hz
External dimensions WxHxD(mm) 1,190x980x760 1,255x930x720
Connected models FACOM
/ 8Series
M Series

FACOM 668K Card ReaderFACOM 668D Card ReaderFACOM 671D Card Reader