【Fujitsu】 FACOM 610A Magnetic Tape Unit

The FACOM 610A was a high-performance magnetic tape unit from Fujitsu, which was the first to employ a mechanism for automatically loading media. It was completed in February 1975. To meet needs arising due to the higher performance of computer systems, this equipment was developed with a focus on increasing processing speed and improving operability and reliability. It had the following features:

(1) Improved processing performance
A high tape speed of 200inch/s (5.08m/s) was achieved by adding a tapered sub-column for buffering of the magnetic tape. This increased the data transfer speed to 320Kbyte/s, and reduced rewind time to less than 45 seconds. (Previously, tape speed was 120inch/s, and data transfer speed was 192Kbyte/s.)
(2) Improved operability
Operating effort by the operator was dramatically reduced by using an auto loading mechanism which automatically performed fastening/release of the magnetic tape reel, winding and rewinding of tape, and opening/closing of the front window.
With this unit, the front windows opened and closed to the left and right, but in later units, this was changed so windows opened and closed up and down.
(3) Full range of diagnostic functions
A microprogram control system in the magnetic tape controller was used to improve internal diagnosis by the controller itself, and online preventive maintenance functions of the magnetic tape unit.

FACOM 610A Main Specifications
  FACOM 610A1 FACOM 610A2 FACOM 610A3
Completion date February 1975
Recording density(RPI) 1600 1600/800 800/556
Tape speed 200inch/s
Rewind time 45s max. (Full reel)
Data transfer speed 320KB/s 320/160KB/s 160/111kdigit/s
Recording format PE PE/NRZI NRZI
Number of tracks 9 7
Main connected systems FACOM 230-45S/55/75, FACOM 230-38/48/58, Large FACOM M-100 Series

FACOM 610 Magnetic Tape Unit