【Fujitsu】 FM TOWNS

This was a 32-bit hyper-media personal computer from Fujitsu. It was the first machine in the world equipped standard with a CD-ROM drive, and was announced in February 1989 as a 32-bit personal computer designed for fun, ease-of-use and practicality.

  1. Equipped standard with a high-capacity 540MB CD-ROM drive
    This made it possible to easily store large programs and data files, and store sounds and images together, thus opening up a new world of high-speed, high-quality, large programs.
  2. The FM TOWNS further enhanced the AV(Audio Visual) features developed for the FM77AV, and was equipped with highly expressive, powerful AV features.
  3. High-performance 32-bit 80386 CPU (16MHz)
  4. Ease-of-operation
    The system could be operated by simply pointing with a mouse within a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based on icons and images. This made it easy for beginners to use a personal computer.
  5. A 4 megabyte linear memory address space was achieved using the Towns OS(Operating System) .
    Even when a 32-bit 80386 was used with MS-DOS, it was only possible to access 1 megabyte of memory, while paying attention to the 64KB segment barrier. So the Towns OS combined a 386 DOS-Extender with MS-DOS, and made it possible to use a 4 gigabyte linear memory address space. This made programming easy, and led to the development of a wide range of fun and easy-to-use new software.
  6. A Japanese language MS-DOS V3.1 emulator made it possible to use FM R Series applications.

FM TOWNS Model 2