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Infomation Processing Technology Heritage

Many important research outcomes and products in Japanese computer development history are displayed in this Computer Museum. However, they are virtual and their corresponding real materials do not necessarily exist. Rather, most of them have been already disposed and do not exist anymore. Moreover, existing ones are exposed to the thereat of being disposed everyday.
IPSJ has been working on the idea of building a real computer museum where historic materials will be preserved and displayed. However, we cannot get any good perspective about the realization of the idea by now.

To cope with this difficult situation, IPSJ starts certification of Information Processing Technology Heritage, to pay respect to those who are making efforts in preserving the existing precious materials and to ask continuation of their efforts.

By this program, we hope that existence of the precious historic materials will been known to the public attracting their interests.

Certified Information Processing Technology Heritages are listed here. In general, they are open to the public but some are not open regularly. Conditions may differ for each heritage. If you wish to visit the site, please contact the window in advance.

Information Processing Technology Heritages will not be limited to current list. New heritages will be added in the future.

March 2, 2009
Hiroshi Hatta
Chair of Special Committee for the History of Computing,