【Hitachi】3050 Series

Hitachi announced the 3050 series of workstations/servers in April 1991. The series included a desktop model running on the Motorola MC68040 processor with a performance of 3.5 megaFLOPS and deskside models running on Hewlett-Packard’s 50 MHz RISC processor with a performance of 57 MIPS/15 megaFLOPS.

The series relied on industry standards, such as the X Window System, and international standards, such as POSIX. And since the 3050 models were developed on the OSF/Motif style guide, they had unified operating environments. The 3050 series also supported Hitachi’s window system, which prioritized compatibility with the 2050 series, a 16 Mbps Token Ring network, and a 10BASE-T LAN network.

Main specifications of the 3050 series
  3050LT 3050 3050/R 3050/Rsv
Enclosure Laptop Desktop Deskside
CPU 68040(25MHz) PA-RISC(50MHz)
Main memory 16-48MB 8-72MB 16-112MB 32-128MB
Operating system UNIX
GUI X Windows, Hitachi Motif (the 3050LT and 3050 had H-Windows)

Hitachi 3050R/Rsv 3050Rsv (left) and 3050R