【Hitachi】 2050, 2020

In September 1985, Hitachi Limited marketed the Hitachi Creative Workstation 2050, to serve as a core for OA, and the Hitachi Personal Workstation 2020, a mass-market version of the same machine.

The 2050 was developed as a workstation, applicable to creative work, which could serve as the core of future OA. This was done by integrating a conventional terminal unit with high-functionality personal computer features. The 2050 employed the 68010 high-speed 16-bit microprocessor, had high-capacity memory, achieved high-reliability and high-capacity by adopting MOS-LSI, and was equipped with a high-capacity high-speed-access disk, a high-resolution bit-map display and newly developed bit-map processor, and a numerical operation processor. This made it possible to process text, diagrams and graphics at high speed.

As software, the 2050 used the HI-UX OS, which was developed based on UNIX but had added multi-window and Japanese language features, and this enabled parallel processing while accessing multiple pieces of information. The 2050 had an easy-to-understand man-machine interface where the user could indicate screen icons or command menu options using a mouse, and the display was designed ergonomically, being flickerless, anti-glare treated, and equipped with a mechanism for upward 15° tilt, downward 5° tilt, and left-right 60° swivel.

The 2020 was developed as a mass-market version of the 2050. It employed the high-performance 80286 microprocessor, and had high-capacity memory, high-reliability due to the adoption of LSI, a high-capacity high-speed-access hard disk, and hardware employing a high-speed drawing processor.
Using the HI-MOS OS, which incorporated MS-DOS while achieving multi-tasking functionality, it provided better personal processing using OA software, and was equipped with powerful network features.

The display was designed ergonomically, being flickerless, anti-glare treated, and equipped with a mechanism for upward 15°tilt, downward 5°tilt, and left-right 60° swivel.

The 2020 Model L was a desk-top type workstation. The graphic screen size and character fonts were the same as the 2020, and compatibility with the 2020 (including operability) was maintained.

2050, 2020 Specifications
  2050 2020 2020 Model E 2020 Model L
Processor 68010 80286 80286 80286
Memory capacity 2-4MB 1MB 1-4MB 2MB
Floppy disk 3.5inch x1 5.25inch x1-2 5.25inch x1-2 3.5inch x1
Hard disk 40/65MB 10/20/40MB 20/40MB 20/40MB
Display 15/20inch color 12/15inch monochrome/color 15/20inch monochrome/color Backlight type liquid crystal display
Announcement date September 1985 August 1987 August 1989

Hitachi Creative Workstation 2050Hitachi Personal Workstation 2020Hitachi Personal Workstation 2020 Model L