【Hitachi】 2050/32, 2020/32

The Hitachi 2050/32 Creative Workstation was developed as a workstation, applicable to creative work, which could serve as the core of future OA. This was done by integrating a conventional terminal unit with high-functionality personal computer features.

The 2050 employed a 16-bit microprocessor, but for high-speed processing, the 2050/32 used the 68020 high-speed 32-bit microprocessor, and the 2050/32E similarly employed the 68030.

These machines used the HI-UX OS, which was based on UNIX but had added multi-window and Japanese language features.

They also had an easy-to-understand man-machine interface where the user could indicate instructions using screen icons or a command menu, and the display was designed ergonomically, being flickerless, anti-glare treated, and equipped with a mechanism for upward 15° tilt, downward 5° tilt, and left-right 60° swivel.
The Hitachi Personal Workstation 2020/32 was the successor model of the 2020, and was equipped with a 386 32-bit microprocessor. The 2020/32E was equipped with the 386SX, and featured a compact design which reduced setup area of the system unit by about 50%.

2050/32, 2020/32 specifications
  2050/32 2050/32E 2020/32 2020/32E
Processor 68020(20MHz) 68030(25MHz) 386(20MHz) 386SX(16MHz)
Numerical operation processor 68881 68882 387 387SX
Cache memory 64KB 64KB 64KB -
Memory capacity 4-16MB 4-52MB 2-16MB 2-4MB
Floppy disk 3.5inch x1 3.5inch x1 5.25inch x1 3.5inch x1
Hard disk 88MB 168MB 40/80MB 40MB
Display 12/15/20inch color 12/15/20inch color
Liquid crystal monochrome
15/20inch color
15inch monochrome
12/20inch color
15inch monochrome
Announcement date May 1988 August 1989 May 1988 March 1990

Hitachi Creative Workstation 2050/32Hitachi Personal Workstation 2020/32