【Toshiba】 TOSWORD JW-830AI

This was a business word processor, marketed by Toshiba in 1990, which used AI technology to improve the accuracy of kana-kanji conversion. Whereas the JW-1000AI focused on using AI technology to polish writing, the JW-830AI was equipped with the "AI/Association Dictionary V2" in order to improve the accuracy of kana-kanji conversion itself. This dictionary contained AI example sentences to indicate correct combination of words, including the use of particles, and this made it possible to select the correct kanji for a homonym. When, in actual conversion, it was necessary to select multiple homonyms, selection was done by placing priority on a word associated with another word , in the pharase, which acted as a clue. As another innovation for improving kana-kanji conversion efficiency (aside from the AI/Association Dictionary), the system supported a "long-term frequency learning feature" for priority conversion of words frequently used by the user. The JW-830AI enabled full-size A4 display using a high-resolution 17-inch vertical monitor, and this improved operability. The system connected with a 400dpi high-resolution laser beam printer, and was capable of high-quality printing using 3 different outline fonts.