【Toshiba】 TOSWORD JW-1000AI

First marketed by Toshiba in 1988, this business word processor had text creation features employing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Previous word processors focused on efficient creation of documents, and so did the JW-1000AI, but it also took a step further, focusing also on the creation of polished high-quality writing. To achieve this, the system used knowledge processing based on AI technology to point out stylistic problems -- like mixture of different politeness levels within the same document.

The JW-1000AI had the following features:

(1) A document polishing feature which used knowledge processing based on AI technology to point out inconsistencies in style within the same document, or mistakes in character selection.
(2) Polishing dictionaries such as English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries and a thesaurus for brushing up expressions.
(3) An intelligent layout function for analyzing and understanding the logical structure of a document, and automatically laying it out in accordance with a format.
(4) A 17-inch high-resolution display with a paper white screen for improved visibility.
(5) Use of mouse and icon operation throughout to improve ease-of-operation.
(6) Development of a 400dpi high-resolution printer to support outline fonts.