【Oki Electric Industry】 Lettermate8

Oki Electric Industry announced the carry-type "Lettermate8" Japanese language word processor on May 17, 1984.

The Lettermate8 was positioned as a low-end model of the existing Lettermate800, 150 and 85, and had the following features.

(1) Easy-to-carry "carry type"
When the keyboard was closed, the system was very compact. It could be carried anywhere and easily stored.
(2) All-in-one type
This machine was the ultra-small all-in-one type, incorporating a main unit, display, printer, floppy disk drive and keyboard, so no connection between them was necessary.
(3) Kana and romaji input systems and kanji conversion in phrase units.
There were two input systems: kana/kanji automatic conversion and romaji/kanji automatic conversion, and conversion in phrase units could be done with both conversions.
(4) Sophisticated editing capabilities
Support was provided for sophisticated editing capabilities, such as a line apportioning function and text inset function.
(5) Equipped with thermosensitive transfer printer
Noiseless printing, and high-speed printing (30 characters/second) was achieved.
(6) Revolutionary HELP function
(7) Document file compatibility
The system had file compatibility with the higher-end Lettermate85.
Lettermate8 Specifications
Input Input system Kana/Kanji automatic conversion system and romaji/kanji automatic conversion system
Dictionary Basic dictionary: Approx. 30,000words, User dictionary: Approx. 3,000words
Number of usable characters 3,418chars, External char.: 120chars
JIS level 2 characters were provided as pattern files, and could be used as external characters
Display Display Liquid crystal, 40chars x 2lines (vertical/horizontal scrolling capable)
Display pattern 16x15 dot-matrix, capable of layout display
Output Print mechanism Thermal transfer
Print speed Approx. 30chars/s
Character size 3.5x3.5mm, and double-size
Character pattern 24x24 dot matrix
Max. number of characters per line 59
Paper B5, A4, 10-inch wide continuous paper
FDD 5inch double-sided double-density floppy disk drive x1
Capacity of approx. 30 documents/floppy
Editing/Correction functions Subscripts, framing, line and justification, centering, apportioning, underline, tab, column justification, line pitch variation, character spacing setting, half-return, delete, insert, correct, move, copy, search, table generation, text inset, line start/end rules
Other functions Document name list display/printing, external character creation, use vocabulary registration
Standards and size Power supply, Power consumption AC100V 50/60Hz, approx. 50W
Dimensions W380xD491xH145mm
Weight Approx. 8.5kg

Lettermate8 Japanese Language Word Processor, Ready for useLettermate 8 Japanese Language Word Processor, Being carried