【Oki Electric Industry】 Lettermate85

Oki Electric Industry announced the Lettermate85 in 1983. It was designed to reduce the size and price of Japanese language word processors, and employed the kana-kanji conversion system. It had enhanced functionality -- with features such as graphing and calculation capabilities -- as well as faster display/print processing, and communications capabilities (optional). From the standpoint of mechanisms and construction, it was designed for ergonomic ease-of-use, with features like a CRT tilt mechanism, and a keyboard slope sculpture construction.

The main features of this machine were as follows.

(1) 2-way input
This unit provided two input systems -- the kana-kanji conversion input system using a JIS layout keyboard, and a kanji direct input system using a tablet containing all characters -- so a user could select the method he or she was familiar with. It was also possible to use the kana-kanji conversion input system or romaji-kanji conversion input system.
(2)Speedy display
The unit could display 41 characters x 25 lines, and scrolling and the display of editing results were speeded up by using a character refresh system for increasing the speed of display processing.
(3)High-capacity file storage
The unit was equipped with two 5-inch double-sided double-density FDDs as document memory devices. One floppy disk could hold approximately 100 A4 pages of data, and security functions were also provided -- such as password setting for each file.
(4)High-quality printing output and versatile printing capabilities
Minchotai characters with a 24x24 dot configuration were used for printing characters, and printing speed was a fast 40 characters/second. A parallel printing function was also provided for outputting one document file while editing another. The unit also enabled vertical printing, horizontal printing, dual page printing, page layout printing and inset printing.
(5)Ergonomic and easy-to-use
The JIS layout keyboard was designed to reduce user fatigue. It had a slope sculpture construction, which made it possible to switch the inclination of the entire keyboard between 2 levels. The CRT had a tilt mechanism.
Lettermate85 Specifications
Input Input system Kana-kanji conversion input (JIS layout keyboard) or kanji direct input (tablet with layout of all characters)
Characters used Approx.7,300
Dictionary capacity Approx. 50,000words
Display Monitor used 12inch CRT (green characters)
Resolution Horizontal 738dots x vertical 500dots
Number of displayed characters 41chars x 25lines
Character configuration 16x16dot (Gothic)
FDD Unit used 5inch double-density track FDD x 2
Media capacity Approx. 600KB/disk
Document capacity Approx. 100 A4 pages of data/disk
Printing Print mechanism Wire dot impact (enabling up to 3 copies)
Print speed 40chars/s
Character configuration 24x24dot (Minchotai)
Character size Approx. 3.45 x 3.45mm
Maximum printed characters per line 79chars/line 48chars/line
Paper size B5, A4, B4, Max. 15inch B5, A4, Max. 10inch
Communication capabilities RS232C(NCU)

Lettermate85 Japanese Language Word Processor