【NEC】 Bungou mini7H

In October 1987, NEC marketed 4 models (including the Bungou mini7H) which were the first personal word processors to use a 48-dot printer.

NEC announced the Bungou mini3, Bungou mini5 and Bungou mini7 as personal word processors in October 1985, but the Bungou mini7 high-end personal word processor was later enhanced in November 1986 as the Bungou mini7G (which employed a 10-inch CRT), and in May 1987 as the Bungou mini7GX with enhanced applications. The Bungou mini7H was the successor of the Bungou mini7GX, and was the first personal word processor to use a 48x48-dot printer. This made it possible to achieve movable-type like printing of 10.5 point characters, and to create high-quality documents by, for example, providing a brushstroke font in addition to Minchotai. Models with a built-in modem port (transmission speed 300bps, 1,200bps) and communication software were available, and thus it was possible to use PC communication services such as PC-VAN simply by connecting to a home telephone jack. There was no need to use a modem or modem equipped telephone. There was also a model with a built in FAX, and this made it possible to send documents created with the word processor to a remote FAX (G3 machine), or to receive data sent from a FAX.

Bungou mini7H Specifications
  Bungou mini7H (For reference) Bungou mini7GX (For reference) Bungou mini7G
Announcement October 1991 May 1991 November 1990
Display Screen size 10inch flat type CRT
Number of displayed characters 40char x 24line
Character composition 16x16dot
Other 1/2 reduced display (80char x 38line display)
Input Input system Continuous clause conversion, clause conversion
Keyboard JIS standard, Japanese "50 sounds"
Characters used JIS level 1, level 2 (ROM)
Number of stored external characters 2,400word
Memory Internal memory capacity 12page (1,000char/page) -
External memory capacity 3.5" FDD (2DD) x2
External memory capacity 150page/FD (1,000char/page) 125page/FD (1,200char/page)
Printing Printing system Thermal transfer system, thermosensitive system
Character composition 48x48dot 24x24dot
Character size 10.5point
Fonts Minchotai, brushstroke (optional) Minchotai
Print speed 20char/s 33char/s
Max. paper width B4 width
Max. characters per line 90char/line
Functions Spreadsheet Spreadsheet software (with automatic recalculation etc.) Spreadsheet software (Automatic enlargement function) Spreadsheet software (Personal card)
Graph display 6 types, including piechart, bar, line
Data processing Personal card software
Western language support 7 languages (Built-in English spelling corrector) 7 languages
Communications Type with built-in modem available Optional
Other Type with built-in FAX capability available -

Bungou mini7H