【NEC】 Bungou mini3, Bungou mini5, Bungou mini7

In October 1973, NEC marketed three personal Japanese language word processor models: the Bungou mini3, Bungou mini5 and Bungou mini7.

The features of these machines were as follows:

1) They enabled easy, speedy conversion of documents using a phrase conversion system with a learning function.
2) They had a built-in 24-dot thermal transfer printer, and could output beautiful documents. They could print on ordinary paper, as well as postcards and OHP sheets (black printing only).
3) The Bungou mini3 and Bungou mini5 were laptops which operated with batteries, and could be used anywhere.
4) The Bungou mini5 had a large 40-character-by-7 line liquid crystal screen, and the Bungou mini7 was equipped standard with a 9-inch CRT. In terms of document storage capacity, the Bungou mini3 could store 5 pages (A4 size) and data could be saved or retrieved by connecting to a data recorder. The Bungou mini5 could be connected (as an option) with a 3.5-inch or 5-inch floppy disk drive, and the Bungou mini7 was equipped standard with a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive.
5) The Bungou mini5 and mini7 had document compatibility with the Bungou 5N and 5V in the Bungou family.

Bungou mini3Bungou mini5Bungou mini7