【Fujitsu】 OASYS Lite F-ROM Series

Published on Dec. 6, 2007
Last updated on Sep. 4, 2023

This was a personal Japanese language word processor from Fujitsu, which was announced in November 1986. Fujitsu already had the OASYS Lite Series of portable word processors, but customer needs diversified with the dissemination of word processors. To meet these diverse needs, the OASYS Lite F-ROM (pronounce "Frahm") Series controlled cost increases and enabled functional extension by introducing the new concept of separately supplying the word processor main unit and the expansion software (which was provided on dedicated IC cards). With the OASYS 30AF announced at the same time, this was the first personal word processor capable of personal computer communications. The F-ROM7 was a mass-market model with integrated printer and floppy disk and the F-ROM9 was a model with a separate printer which achieved light weight and compactness. Machines in the F-ROM Series had the following features:

(1) They were equipped with a large, tilted liquid crystal screen (Lite F-ROM7: 40 char. x 5 line, Lite F-ROM9: 40 char.x 10 line).
(2) They were equipped with a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, which could store a maximum of 230,000 characters (approx. 190 A4 pages).
(3) Capabilities could be expanded by using two F-ROM cards
Numerous F-ROM cards offered a wealth of character types (Minchotai, Gothic, textbook font, brush font, rounded characters etc.), postcard address printing software, and RAM cards for documents.
(4) Personal computer communications, using a modem or coupler, was offered for the first time.
(5) They were equipped with a sorting function, search function and arithmetic operation function.

Subsequently, Fujitsu announced the OASYS Lite F-ROM 9MD, with built-in modem, the enhanced F-ROM8 in May 1987, the F-ROM10 in October 1987, and the F-ROM10S, F-ROM11 and F-ROM11D in June 1988. A liquid crystal display with backlight was used in the F-ROM11D.

OASYS Lite F-ROM Series Main Model Specifications
Announcement date November 1986 June 1988
Type Integrated printer Separate printer Integrated printer
Input system Interactive kana-kanji automatic conversion system, phrase input, most recent use priority learning system (with save function)
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard, Japanese "50 sounds" keyboard (optional) Thumb shift keyboard, JIS layout "hiragana" keyboard
Display Type Tilted liquid crystal display Tilted liquid crystal display with backlight
Number of characters 40char x 5line (including one message line) 40char x 10line (including one message line) 40char x 10line (including one message line)
Documents In main unit 7,200char 33,600char
Floppy disks 3.5inch floppy disk x1, standard equipment: Approx. 230,000char
Vocabulary dictionary General vocabulary: Approx. 40,000word, User stored: Approx. 200word (800word in the F-ROM11D)
Printer B4 24dot, thermal transfer, postcard printing capable
Weight 5.1kg Main unit: Approx. 2.3kg,
Printer Approx. 2.0kg
Approx. 5.1kg
Power supply Battery drive (4 "D" batteries) or AC100V Main unit: Battery drive (4 "C" batteries) or AC100V
Battery drive (4 "D" batteries) or AC100V
Lead battery or AC100V

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.