【Fujitsu】 OASYS Lite F

This was a true portable Japanese language word processor from Fujitsu, which was announced in September 1985 as a higher-end model of the OASYS Lite. This machine met user needs for personal word processing at a high level, and had the following features:

(1) It was the first personal word processor with a separate printer, and it achieved greater compactness and lightness of the main unit (B4 size, 2.3kg).
(2) It employed a large liquid crystal display (40char x 5line display).
(3) Expanded internal memory (capable of saving documents with 7,200 characters or 6 A4 pages, to enable business use)
(4) About 200 pages of documents could be saved by connecting a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive (optional).
(5) It was equipped with sophisticated editing capabilities, such as drawing move/copy, and free enlargement of characters
(6) Quiet thermal transfer printer (24x24dot) capable of postcard printing
(7) Capable of communication over telephone lines (communication between OASYS Lite F units, and as a host computer communication terminal)

In November of that same year, Fujitsu filled out the model line-up by adding successors of the OASYS Lite: the OASYS Lite K, the mass-market OASYS Lite M, and an introductory model called the OASYS Lite U. In June 1986, Fujitsu announced the OASYS Lite KFD20 -- the first model in the OASYS Lite Series with a built-in 3.5inch floppy disk.

OASYS Lite Series Main Model Specifications
Model OASYS Lite F OASYS Lite K/M/U OASYS Lite KFD20
Announcement date September 1985 November 1985 May 1986
Type Separate printer Integrated printer
Input system Interactive kana-kanji automatic conversion system, phrase input, most recent use priority learning system (with save function)
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard, Japanese "50 sounds" keyboard (optional) when used with mask
Display Type Liquid crystal display
Number of characters 40char x 5line (including one message line) K: 20char x 2line
M/U: 8char x 1line
20char x 2line
Documents In main unit 7,200char K:7,200char
Floppy disk 3.5inch (optional), 192 A4 pages 3.5inch (optional)
K: Approx. 60 A4 pages
M/U: 64 pages
3.5inch built-in (standard)
Approx. 160 A4 pages
Other external memory Cassette tape, bubble cassette Cassette tape, bubble cassette Cassette tape, bubble cassette
Vocabulary dictionary General vocabulary: Approx. 40,000word,
User stored: Approx. 200word
Printer 24dot, thermal transfer, postcard printing capable, 13char/s K/M: 24dot, thermal transfer, postcard printing capable, 12char/s
U: 16dot, thermal transfer, 13char/s
24dot, thermal transfer, postcard printing capable, 12char/s
Weight Main unit 2.3kg K:3.5kg, M/U:2.7kg Approx. 4.8kg
Power supply Main unit: Battery drive (4 "C" batteries) or AC100V
Printer: Battery drive (4 "D" batteries) or AC100V
Battery drive (4 "D" batteries) or AC100V