【Fujitsu】 OASYS Lite

Announced in May 1984, the OASYS Lite from Fujitsu was the industry's first portable Japanese language word processor. The previous My OASYS2 weighed 11.9kg, but the OASYS Lite had an integrated keyboard and printer, and achieved greater compactness, lighter weight (3.5kg) and lower price. This machine had the following features:

(1) It achieved greater compactness and lighter weight by using state-of-the-art high-integration semiconductor technology, and, due to greater power conservation, was the first Japanese word processor to be driven by dry cells (4 "D" batteries).
(2) It employed the thumb shift keyboard and interactive kana-kanji conversion system, which had a proven track record in the OASYS Series.
(3) 8 char. x 1 line liquid crystal display
(4) Equipped with a comprehensive dictionary of approx. 40,000 words
(5) It could handle English, German, French and Spanish, as well as Japanese.
(6) A newly-developed, quiet 24 dot thermal transfer printer was integrated into the main unit.
(7) It was equipped with a document memory backup function. (This memory stored about two A4 pages when power was turned OFF.)
(8) Bubble memory (optional, capable of storing a max. of 40 A4 pages) was used as an external memory unit

In July 1987, the OASYS LiteS was announced as the most inexpensive Japanese word processor equipped with phrase conversion capability.

OASYS Lite and OASYS Lite S Main Specifications
Model OASYS Lite OASYS Lite S
Announcement date May 1984 July 1985
Type Integrated printer type
Input system Interactive kana-kanji automatic conversion system, phrase input, most recent use priority learning system (with storage capability)
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard Thumb shift keyboard, Transforms to Japanese "50 sounds" keyboard with mask
Display Type Liquid crystal display
Number of characters 8char x 1line (Character configuration: 24x24dot) 8char x 1line (Character configuration: 16x16dot)
Documents In main unit 2 A4 pages 2,400char (40char x 60line)
External memory Cassette tape: A4 x 40page (C-30)
Bubble cassette: A4 x 40
Cassette tape: A4 x 40page (C-30)
Vocabulary dictionary General vocabulary: Approx. 40,000word
User stored: Approx. 200word
Printer 24dot, thermal transfer, print speed 8char/s 16dot, thermal transfer, print speed 13.8char/s
Weight 3.5kg (including dry cells) 2.6kg (including dry cells)
Power supply Dry cell drive ("D" cell x4) or AC100V

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.