【Fujitsu】 My OASYS

This Japanese language word processor from Fujitsu was announced in May 1982. The My OASYS was equipped with a single floppy disk drive and a 9-inch CRT display for greater compactness and lower price, and was the first to break the \1,000,000 barrier. A printer (16-dot) could be mounted on top of the main unit, and the main unit, keyboard and printer together achieved a lightweight of 19kg. To promote sales of this model, Fujitsu promoted it by advertising with the name "Wapro" instead of "Japanese language word processor", and as a result, the word "Wapro" came into use throughout Japan in that year (1982). Due to the active advertising and a price half that of conventional machines, this machine became the driving force in making Fujitsu the top manufacturer of "Wapro".

Operation of the My OASYS was almost the same as the higher-end OASYS 100 and 100J, and compatibility of text floppies with the OASYS 100J was good, so it was possible to print out documents created with My OASYS at better quality using the OASYS 100J 24-dot printer.

In April 1983, Fujitsu announced the MyOASYS2, which achieved even greater compactness and lower price by using an even smaller 6-inch CRT display.

My OASYS and My OASYS2 Main Specifications
Announcement date May 1982 April 1983
Input system Interactive kana-kanji conversion system
Display Screen size 9-inch green CRT 6-inch green CRT
Number of characters displayed 560char (40char x 14lines)
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard
Floppy disk 5-inch x1, expandable to x2
  • B4 wire dot: 24dot, 45char/s, A3 width
  • A4 wire dot: 24dot, 45char/s, B4 length
  • A4 wire dot: 16dot, 15char/s, A4 length
  • B4 wire dot: 24dot, 45char/s or 80char/s, A3 width
  • A4 wire dot: 24dot, 45char/s, B4 length
  • A4 heat transfer printer: 24dot, 20char/s, B4 length
External dimensions (WxDxH) and weight Main unit 400x348x250mm,9.1kg 360x286x140mm,5.8kg
Keyboard 400x217x62mm,1.6kg 350x175x37mm,1.1kg

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.