【Fujitsu】 OASYS 100

This was the Fujitsu's first Japanese language word processor, announced as a Japanese language electronic typewriter in May 1980. At the time of this announcement, Fujitsu asked the public to help create the model name, and the name "OASYS (Office Automation SYStem) 100" was chosen from the submitted entries. All of Fujitsu's subsequent Japanese word processors were named "OASYS".

This OASYS 100 had the following features:

(1) An independently developed thumb shift keyboard which allowed anyone to easily input Japanese text
(2) Input using the interactive kana-kanji conversion system (conversion to "kanji" (Japanese characters) using a conversion key, while watching the display screen)
(3) Most recent use priority learning system (when performing kana-kanji conversion, the kanji used most recently was displayed first)
(4) Equipped with a 100,000 word kanji dictionary (60,000 general vocabulary words; 20,000 proper names; and 20,000 user stored vocabulary words)
(5) A large display capable of displaying a full A4 page (14-inch CRT display, 48char x 32line display)
(6) Equipped with outstanding proofreading and editing functions
(Various types of proofreading and editing -- such as correct, insert, delete and move -- could be easily done while viewing the display)
(7) A maximum of 80 A4 pages could be stored on a single floppy disk (which was reusable)

In August 1981, Fujitsu announced the OASYS 100J, which achieved greater compactness and lower cost by using 5-inch floppy disks and a 12-inch CRT display, instead of the previous 8-inch floppy disks and 14-inch CRT display, and in November 1983, they announced the OASYS 100F, which (despite its small size) was equipped with the capabilities of the top-end OASYS 100G. Many other models were also announced later as mid-range machines for business.

OASYS 100 Series, Early Model Specifications
Model OASYS 100 OASYS 100J OASYS 100F
Announcement date May 1980 16dot: August 1981
24dot: May 1982
November 1983
Input system Interactive kana-kanji conversion
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard,
JIS layout
"50 sounds" keyboard
Thumb shift keyboard,
JIS layout keyboard
Thumb shift keyboard (with numeric keypad),
JIS layout keyboard (with numeric keypad)
Vocabulary dictionary General vocabulary Approx.
Approx. 50,000word Approx. 35,000word
(Expandable to approx. 45,000word)
User stored Approx.
Approx. 10,000word Approx. 5,000word
(Expandable to approx,. 10,000word)
Display Screen size 14-inch horizontal green CRT 12-inch horizontal green CRT 12-inch horizontal green graphic CRT
Number of displayed characters 48char x 32line 40char x 22line 48char x 22line
Floppy disk 8inch x2 (One for dictionary, one for documents) 5inch x2 (One for dictionary, one for documents) 5inch x2 (One for system,
one for documents)
(One expansion drive available as an option)
Printer Type,
Dot configuration,
Printing speed,
Maximum paper width
B4 wire dot: 16dot, 40char/s, B4 horizontal
B4 wire dot: 24dot, 35char/s, B4 horizonta
B4 high-speed wire dot; 24dot, 65char/s, B4 horizontal
A4 wire dot: 16dot, 25char/s, A4 vertical
B4 high-speed wire dot: 24dot, 80char/s, A3 horizontal
B4 medium speed wire dot: 24dot, 45 char/s, A3 horizontal
A4 wire dot:24dot, 45char/s, B4 vertical
External dimensions and weight: Main unit
External dimensions and weight Main unit 700x496
Keyboard 425x273

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.

OASYS 100Photo of actual machine, on display in the Technology Exhibit in the basement of the Fujitsu Kawasaki Factory Main Building.Printer for OASYS 100Top: Printer with cartridge feeder
Bottom: Printer with front inserter