【Fujitsu】 OASYS 100R

This was the Fujitsu's Japanese language word processor equipped with personal computer capabilities. It was announced in December 1985. This machine enabled the OASYS Series of business word processors from Fujitsu to perform Japanese language data processing using "Japanese BASIC". This was a completely new multi-functional Japanese language word processor, and it had the following features.

(1) It was equipped with a full-range of document creation capabilities, inherited from the OASYS 100 Series.
(2) It was equipped with "Japanese BASIC" for programming in Japanese (this BASIC operated under OASYS Japanese MS-DOS and OASYS Japanese CP/M-86).
(3) It had multi-functionality (optional) which greatly expanded the world of word processing.
(Multiplan spreadsheet software, and Word Star English word processing software etc.)

This machine became the foundation for the Fujitsu's FM R Series of personal computers.

OASYS 100R Specifications
Model OASYS 100R
Announcement date December 1985
Input system Interactive kana-kanji automatic conversion system, phrase input
Keyboard Thumb shift keyboard or
JIS array "hiragana" keyboard
(both equipped with numeric keyboard)
Display Type 14inch white graphic CRT
Number of displayed characters 40char x 21line or 25line (16x16dot configuration)
Floppy disk 5inch x2 (x1 for system, x1 for documents)
Expandable with one 5inch or 8inch drive
Printer 24dot, wire dot, 45char/s, A3 horizontal
Operating system
  • OASYS Japanese MS-DOS
  • OASYS Japanese CP/M-86
Application software
  • Multiplan and SuperCalc2 spreadsheet software
  • Word Star English word processing software etc.