【Fujitsu】FMV-BIBLO LOOX Series

FMV-BIBLO LOOX was Fujitsu’s brand name for its series of mobile notebook computers announced in September 2000. At the time, Fujitsu was selling its consumer notebook computers under the FMV-BIBLO brand, to which it added the LOOX series of notebooks that were based on a new design concept to make them more portable.

There were two LOOX series: the LOOX S series of extremely portable notebooks weighing only 980 grams with a compact 8.8-inch LCD screen, and the LOOX T series, which, taking its lead from the “mobile multimedia” design concept, condensed all the features of a fully appointed conventional notebook into an A5 file size and included a DVD drive unit and a 10-inch wide-aspect LCD screen.

Both series came packaged with a wireless communications module that connected to the H”IN network, a 64 kbps wireless service provided by DDI Pocket (today known as Willcom). This was a revolutionary function in 2000 because for the first time users could connect to the Internet without being tied to a certain location or network environment. Because of its mobile Internet functionality and because of the low-power Transmeta Crusoe CPU, which extended the battery life, the FMV-BIBLO LOOX series was built specifically for mobile computing.

Fujitsu has continued to upgrade and add models to the FMV-BIBLO LOOX series while always prioritizing its mobility. The series remains a vital part of Fujitsu’s computer lineup even today (2008).

Specifications of the FMV-BIBLO LOOX series
Series name LOOX T series LOOX S series
Configuration A5 file size A5 compact size
Introduced September 2000
Built-in screen 10-inch wide-aspect color LCD
1280×600 pixels
8.8-inch wide-aspect TFT color LCD
1024×512 pixels
CPU 533 MHz Crusoeェ TM5600 processor 533 MHz Crusoeェ TM5400 processor
Memory 128 MB (SDRAM)
Hard disk drive 10 GB
Optical drive 8x DVD-ROM driveNone
Battery Maximum operating time: ~7.3 hoursMaximum operating time: ~8 hours
External dimensions [mm] 264 x 183 x 31.5 (w x d x h) 243 x 151 x 30 (w x d x h)
Weight ~1.5 kg~980 g
OS Windows Me
Other details
  • Built-in H”IN module for wireless communications (64 kbps best-effort data communications network); external modem also available
  • Fax modem built in