【Fujitsu】FMV BIBLO

The FMV BIBLO series was the name of Fujitsu’s consumer-oriented notebook computer series. The first four models — the all-in-one FMV-450NL/S and the standard FMV-450NL/T, FMV-450NL/S, and FMV-450NL models — were announced in February 1995.

Designed with portability in mind, all models were B5 file sized and operated on lithium-ion batteries. The all-in-one model was differentiated by being a computer that even novice users without specialized computer knowledge could use right away. In the same vein as the FMV DESKPOWER, Fujitsu’s all-in-one consumer desktop, the FMV-450NL/S came with a wide variety of software programs preinstalled.

Fujitsu initially branded both its consumer and business notebooks as FMV BIBLO, but in October 1998 it launched the FMV BIBLO LIFEBOOK series of customizable business notebooks. From this point on, Fujitsu used BIBLO for consumer notebooks and LIFEBOOK for business notebooks.

After the initial models, the BIBLO series continued to be upgraded and new models introduced. The BIBLO is still the face of Fujitsu’s consumer computers even today (2008).

Specifications of the first FMV BIBLO models
Category All-in-one Standard
Product name FMV-450NL/S FMV-450NL/T FMV-450NL/S FMV-450NL
Introduced February 1995
Built-in screen 8.5-inch DSTN
color LCD
8.4-inch TFT
color LCD
8.5-inch DSTN
color LCD
8.5-inch STN
monochrome LCD
CPU 50 MHz i486DX2
October 1994 8 MB
(expandable up to 24 MB)
4 MB
(expandable up to 20 MB)
Hard disk drive 340MB170MB
flexible disk drive One 3.5-inch drive, three modes*1
External dimensions [mm] 260 x 210 x 48 (w x d x h)
Weight ~2 kg
(with floppy drive)
~2.1 kg
(with floppy drive)
~2.0 kg
(with floppy drive)
~1.9 kg
(with floppy drive)
OS MS-DOS6.2/V,Windows3.1
Other details
  • Operated for ~4.5 hours with the standard lithium-ion battery pack (the FMV-450NL for ~3 hours); could operate for ~9.5 hours when combined with the add-on battery pack
  • The color LCD models came with a PCM/FM sound source, speakers, and a microphone
  • The all-in-one model came with word processing, spreadsheet, and other personal management software preinstalled
(*1)Three-mode floppy drive: supports disks in any of three capacity formats: 720 KB, 1.2 MB, and 1.44 MB.