【Fujitsu】FMV DESKPOWER (first model)

The FMV DESKPOWER was a desktop computer that Fujitsu announced in October 1994 as a true consumer-oriented computer of the FMV series. The FMV DESKPOWER was marketed as a computer even novice users without specialized computer knowledge could start using right away. The computer was designed on an “all in one” concept, in which all the hardware (high-performance CPU, audio capability, CD-ROM drive, hard drive, floppy drive, color monitor, speakers, etc.) and software (MS-DOS 6.2/V and Windows 3.1 operating systems, word processor, games, and other useful software programs) deemed necessary for an ordinary user was supplied.

Consumers embraced the all-in-one concept, and the FMV DESKPOWER became a hit product for Fujitsu. Even today (2008), the all-in-one configuration is still the standard configuration for computers in the consumer market.

Specifications of the first FMV DESKPOWER model
Model number FMV-DESKPOWER(FMV-450sD2 model 20S)
Introduced October 1994
CPU i486SX2
October 1994 8 MB
Hard disk drive 420 MB
flexible disk drive One 3.5-inch drive, three modes*1
Optical drive One CD-ROM drive (2x speed)
External dimensions [mm] 400(W), 400(D), 125(H)mm
Weight ~10 kg
OS Windows3.1, MS-DOS 6.2/V
Other details
  • Graphics accelerator for full-color displays
  • Preinstalled with word-processing software, train schedules, and other practical programs for families
  • Included a keyboard, mouse, stereo speakers, and microphone
(*1)Three-mode floppy drive: supports disks in any of three capacity formats: 720 KB, 1.2 MB, and 1.44 MB.

FMV DESKPOWER (first model)