【Toshiba】 T-3100

Published on Jun. 1, 2006
Last updated on Jun. 22, 2023

This was the world's first 16-bit laptop PC with a built-in hard disk, marketed by Toshiba in 1986 for the overseas market. Prior to the 3100, Toshiba had marketed a series of portable/laptop personal computers in Europe and the U.S. (the T-1100, T-1500, T-1100PLUS and T-2100), and this, coupled with the technical sophistication of Toshiba's machines, earned Toshiba the name "King of Laptops".
Features of the T-3100 were as follows:

  1. 80286 (8MHz) CPU. Maximum 2.6 megabyte memory (640 kilobyte standard)
  2. 640x400 dot plasma display
  3. Built-in FDD (720 kilobyte) and HDD (10 megabyte)
  4. Size: 310(W) x 360(D) x 80(H)(mm), Weight: 6.8kg

When the T-3100 was tailored for the Japanese domestic market, it was called the J-3100. The J-3100 was Japan's first IBM PC compatible laptop personal computer.

J-3100A Model of the T-3100 for the Japanese Domestic Market