【Toshiba】 T-1100

This was a 16-bit portable personal computer which Toshiba developed as they switched their personal computer strategy to an IBM PC compatible strategy. It was not marketed domestically in Japan. In 1985, it was exhibited as a computer for the European and U.S. market at the Hanover Messe in Germany.
The main features were as follows:

  1. 80C86 (5MHz) CPU. Maximum of 512 kilobytes of memory.
  2. Built-in high-contrast 80 character x 25 line (640x240 dot) liquid crystal display
  3. Built-in 3.5-inch FDD (720 kilobyte)
  4. 83-key full stroke keyboard
  5. Operable for 8 hours using built-in nickel-cadmium battery
  6. Size: 310(W) x 300(D) x 67(H), Weight: 4kg

This was a true IBM PC compatible packaged as a 4kg portable PC, and won favorable reviews in the European and U.S. market. The T-1100 set the course toward Toshiba's subsequent laptop personal computers.