【Hitachi】FLORA 3100LP

Hitachi announced the FLORA 3100LP in February 1995 as its high-end 3100 series model. The FLORA 3100LP implemented microprocessing with up to eight Intel Pentium (100 MHz) processors thanks to the C-Bus II 64-bit CPU bus architecture that reached data transfer speeds as fast as 400 MB/s. Data integrity was assured with ECC buses and memory.

The server was also standard equipped with an uninterruptable power-supply unit.

Main specifications of the FLORA 3100LP
Format Disk-less model Disk model Disk array model
CPU (clock frequency) Pentium processor (100 MHz)
No. of CPUs 1-8
Cache memory Internal 16KB-128KB
External 512KB-4MB
Main memory 32MB-1GB
HDD(max. internal disk capacity) 36GB 29GB 8GB

Hitachi FLORA 3100LP