【Hitachi】FLORA 3100 Series

Hitachi announced the FLORA 3100 series of PC servers in August 1993. Running on either the Intel Pentium microprocessor or the i486DX2 microprocessor, the servers were expandable to 352 MB of memory and to 17 GB of disk space. The servers were also outfitted with ECC memory, which could automatically correct errors, and high-speed disk access (SCSI-2 interface).

The FLORA 3100 series ran from compact and thin models that could fit under a desk to models that could function as full-sized file servers.

The series also supported Novell’s NetWare 3.11 J operating system, which was used worldwide for PC LANs.

Main specifications of the FLORA 3100 series
  SP6610 SP6010 S46605
CPU Pentium Pentium i486DX2
Clock frequency 66MHz 60HHz 66MHz
Memory 8-352MB
Internal disk capacity 1GB 500MB

Hitachi FLORA 3100 series