Hitachi announced MIOS7/ES, an operating system that supported office automation integrated with multimedia, vertical distribution with host computers, and horizontal distribution between office computers">

【Hitachi】 OS-VIIF for the TP90 Series

OS-VIIF was the operating system for the final TP90 series models, the TP90F series. The TP90F series of office servers were unique in that users could select the hardware components to optimize the architecture for their business processes. Accordingly, the operating system also supported flexible system configurations. The TP90F machines also came in a console-less configuration for use as mail servers, print servers, or other backend servers. OS-VIIF emphasized an open system approach, such as using personal computers/workstations as workstations, accessing files on TP90F machines from personal computers/workstations, and sharing printers between personal computers/workstations and TP90F machines.