【Mitsubishi Electric】RX7000 series model D20 and model E20

Mitsubishi Electric announced the model D20 and model E20 entry-level Solution Servers as part of the RX7000 series in December 1995. These models ran on Intel processors and emulated the RX7000 architecture in Windows NT so that office-server (DP-UX) applications could be run while using the server as a PC.

The D20 came in a mid-sized tower desktop enclosure, and the E20 came in a compact under-desk cabinet. Although compact, they could be used as a client-server system if display monitors, keyboards and mouse units are connected because functions for the first client machine had been loaded. Microsoft’s Windows NT Workstation was used for client functions.

RX7000 model D20,E20の仕様
  model D20 model E20
Main memory unit 16MB (32 MB max.) 32MB (64 MB max.)
Fixed disk unit 2GB (18 GB max.) 4GB (22 GB max.)
Flexible disk unit One 3.5-inch unit
One 3.5-inch unit Standard: none
Expansion: One 4 mm CT
Standard: One 4 mm CT
Expansion: none
Max. number of terminal connections 64 128
Max. number of printer connections 32 64
External dimensions [mm] 240×450×376
(w x d x h)
(w x d x h)