【Mitsubishi Electric】RX7000 Series

Mitsubishi Electric announced the RX7000 series in July 1994. This series of office computers maintained compatibility with the mission-critical application assets of the MELCOM80 series while offering seamless connectivity with open systems.

The office computers of the RX7000 series were hybrids: a business processor ran the DP-UX office computer operating system, an RDB processor called RXGREO which was an enhanced model of GREO and an open processor ran NetWare (later Windows NT Server). This architecture allowed the integration of a mission-critical system, an information retrieval and analysis system, and an office-automation server into one unit and seamlessly connect among these systems. The RX7000 series supported RAID 5 and multivendor PC connections as well as HYPERPRODUCE, a client-server application development environment.

Specifications of the RX7000 series
Model H10 H60 I10 I60 J10 J60 R10 R60
Disk type Mirroring Disk array
Memory capacity Standard 64MB 64MB 64MB 64MB
Maximum 128MB 256MB 512MB 512MB
Disk capacity Standard 4GB×2 4GB×2 6GB×2 6GB
Maximum 27GB×2 55GB×2 83GB×2 55GB×2 83GB×2 42GB 84GB
No. of relational database processors 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
LAN controller Standard
Backup unit (CT) Standard

RX7000 series