【Mitsubishi Electric】 MELCOM88

This office computer was announced by Mitsubishi Electric in 1972. It used ICs for main memory, and had performance 15-20 times better than the MELCOM83 in terms of arithmetic speed, and performance 3-20 times better than the MELCOM83 in terms of overall capabilities. It was the first machine with a practical multi-billing system in which multiple terminals were connected so that multiple operators could do billing at the same time.

The main memory was comprised of 1,000 word (8,000 byte) of IC memory (with an access time of 320µs), and a 6,400 word (51,200 byte) magnetic disk (with an access time of 10ms). This system provided high-performance in actual processing while simultaneously achieving high-capacity at a low price.

In terms of programming languages, the system supported its machine language, assembler language and COBOL. Various utility programs were also provided, including disk sort and subroutines for mathematical functions.

As a result, this system could be used for a wide-range of tasks, ranging from billing processing to batch processing for management work, and it was widely used as departmental machine in large companies and a core machine in mid-size companies.