【Mitsubishi Electric】 MELCOM83

This office computer was announced by Mitsubishi Electric in 1969. It was developed using monolithic ICs (Mitsubishi Molectron) throughout for a full range of tasks from billing to data processing in areas like sales billing/management and payroll and accounting work for personnel/accounting.

A magnetic disk unit with maximum capacity of 1,000 words (6,000 bytes) and an access time of 10ms was used for main memory, and this facilitated classification and tabulation of data with multiple items, and processing of many types of jobs. File maintenance could be performed simultaneously with daily work by connecting a magnetic disk unit with a capacity of 10,000 words (60,000 bytes) and an access time of 20ms as an external memory unit.

Original data could be input directly from a data keyboard (numeric keypad) rather than by converting it to a media such as cards, and this made processing more efficient.
The system was also designed to enable use as an online terminal computer. It employed a kana (Japanese phonetic letter) printer which was the fastest in Japan (20 characters/second), and the paper tape reader and punch speed were also 20 character/second, so this system enabled processing with good balance.