【Uchida Yoko】 USAC GX Series

This was a 32-bit desktop office computer (*1) from Uchida Yoko. The four models of the newly developed USAC GX Super Station Series employed 32-bit MPUs, and could be used for engineering support applications. These models were announced in October 1988. The GX Series was based on a dual-purpose concept -- combining the standalone office computer design which was a key feature of Uchida Yoko's Camarade Series, with the workstation functionality of the USAC2001 Series of high-end office computers. In this way, this series could inherit Camarade assets (data, programs) to enhance linkage functionality and improve development productivity. The series also provided greater functionality with multiple windows, multiple processes, a multi-user environment and object-oriented operation.
In October 1990, Uchida Yoko filled out the series lineup by announcing laptop models (GX170LT and GX130LT), the GX-A Series with improved performance, and a low-cost model (the GX90) specially for work station connection.
*1: An office computer is a small business computer used in an office.

USAC GX Series Main Specifications
Model name GX190,170,
GX90 GX190A,170A,
Announcement date December 1988 October 1990
CPU 130,FMC68020 16MHz
190:MC68030 20MHz
MC68030 16MHz 130A:MC68030 16MHz
190A:MC68030 33MHz
MC68030 16MHz
Max. main memory capacity 130:8MB
6MB 130A:12MB
Max. disk capacity 130:330MB
45MB 130A:450MB
Built-in floppy disk 3.5inch x1
Max. number of lines 4 -- 4 2
Other Multi-window, multi-process, multi-user functionality Inheritance of Camarade assets Low-cost model specially for workstation connection Improved CPU performance Laptop

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.

USAC GX-150Left: USAC GX-90
Right: USAC GX-190A