【Uchida Yoko】 USAC New Camarade

The USAC New Camarade was a desktop office computer(*1) which was announced in May 1984 along with the USAC2001 Series as a successor of Uchida Yoko's USAC Camarade business computer (announced in 1982).
The biggest feature of the New Camarade was that it simultaneously achieved both functionality as a standalone office computer, and functionality as an intelligent workstation in the USAC2001 Series (at the time of announcement, its name as a workstation was "USAC 230"). In terms of standalone office computer functionality, the system could simultaneously perform two types of processing -- business processing for things like sales tasks, and OA(Office Automation) processing for tasks like document creation and spreadsheets -- and outstanding ease of use and workability were achieved by, for example, enabling one-touch switching between the two processing screens. A vertically-distributed processing system, which could be called a forerunner of the client/server system, was achieved by, for instance, connecting the USAC2001 Series with a host computer over a network, storing/sharing data created with OA processing software of the New Camarade (USAC 230) with the host computer, and enabling distributed development of host programs using the New Camarade.
In May 1986, Uchida Yoko announced the Camarade S, L and R (*2) which inherited the basic concept of the Camarade, but featured higher CPU speed and greater compactness. These models were announced at the same time as the USAC2001 VH Series of high-end office computers. In October 1988, the Camarade III S, L and R (*2) were announced simultaneously with the USAC2001 Manager Series. In this way, Uchida Yoko gradually built up the Camarade Series.
*1: An office computer is a small business computer used in an office.
*2: S, L and R stand, respectively, for: Standalone type, Local workstation type, and Remote workstation type.

Camarade Series Main Specifications
Model name New Camarade (USAC230) Camarade S, L, T (Camarade II S, L, R) Camarade III S, L, R (compact models)
Announcement date May 1984 May 1986 (October 1987) October 1988 (May 1989)
CPU i8086 8MHz i80286 8MHz i80286 8MHz(i80386SX 16MHz)
Max. main memory capacity 1MB 1MB 2MB
Max. disk capacity 40MB 43MB
Built-in floppy disk 5/8inch x1--2 5/8inch x1--2 5inch x1--2 (2.5inch x1--2)
Max. number of lines 2 2 2
  • Successor of Camarade
  • Dual-purpose office computer/workstation
  • Performance improved by about 20% over New Camarade
  • Memory, disk expansion
  • Added compact model with 3.5inch floppy disk

USAC New CamaradeUSAC Camarade S/L/RUSAC Camarade III S/L/R (5inch floppy type)
USAC Camarade III S/L/R (3.5inch floppy type)